Adding value to the physical format in the digital era

Esfumato is a supertalented and very thoughtful music band. That’s why they asked us to create a limited edition for the release of two of their albums in which every single copy had to be each different to the other.

The first album was named “Limón” (Esfumato, 2010), so we can literally say that we squeezed the title. With the juice of a bunch of lemons, a rubber stamp and a an oven, we created 200 different artworks for 200 unique copies.

For the second, called “Elefantes” (Esfumato, 2017), we let the fans finish the artwork and get their own personalized cover. We used bas-relief technique to get an over-paintable elephant foot print in the cover and the songs’ tittle too. Then, people could customize it as however they feel like.

And, basically, that’s how you multiply uniqueness.